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Blesok no. 18January, 2001
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Festival “Manaki Brothers”, part II

The 21st International Film Camera Festival "Manaki Brothers", 27th of September – 01st of October 2000, Bitola

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Suzana T. Pavlovska

Which Was What at the International Film Camera Festival “Manaki Brothers” 2000?

    A festival can (and should) compare with itself; to draw the energy for the creation of its own authenticity and particularity, also by itself; and also – to build its own tradition, with patience and wisdom, onto the cultural identity within it dwells, again by itself.
    As Mr. Freddie Frances, this year’s Laureate of the Golden Camera 300 for Life Achievement said: “There are three kinds of photography – good photography, bad photography and the real photography”… So as the Festivals can be – just a thought: good, bad and real… Real – for the exact time and place when the cultural tradition and the new achievements interlace in the name of all generations – respecters of the art. And in the name of a profession: the masters of the camera, cameramen – professionally called directors of photography, 21 years ago began with their hopes, energy and enthusiasm to write with the film camera, to create the lights and the shadows, and in all this years founding their place, but this time not in the backstage, but up-front the film stage, in Bitola. So, this International Film Camera Festival in Bitola, practically is one of the oldest Film Festival who treats film photography and camera-operating skills, which is the reason for some special respect towards this festival that is living the 21st year of its life.
    This 21st International Festival is – again – dedicated to the film photography, its aesthetics and language. Therefore – dedicated to all of those creative sensibilities: cameramen, who through the eye of the camera create, everyone for himself, his own reflection. The reflection that makes us – the spectators from the other side of the screen – sweetly deceived, enchanted, excited and put in thought!
    Part of it could be felted during the five festival’s days of this 21st edition of the Festival.
    Duration: 27.09. – 01.10.2000;
    Location – traditional: The Culture Dome and the “Macedonia” Cinema Theatre in Bitola.

On the Official Competition…

     The main mark of any Film Festival, as of this one, is the film selection in the Official Competition for the highest, traditional Awards of the manifestation. They represent the “aorta” of the whole festival’s “organism” that provides the pulse, the dynamics and the rhythm of the entire event.
    This year, the selector of the Festival made a selection of 15 films that offered wide

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