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Blesok no. 18January, 2001
Sound Reviews

Interview with Sam Andrew

"I find something new in what I am playing"

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Vasja Ivanovski

VI: You still play a lot, do tours throughout the world. How do you manage to do it after so many years, is music still your guiding light to go on and on?
    SA: Music is always exciting. Maybe on fourth of the time, I find something new in what I am playing. I am not in the race to be the fastest guitar player in the world. I want to find something really new in the melodies and bring that out for people while playing something they want to hear. Since I will never accomplish this completely, I can never be bored with the music. It's always a challenge.

VI: Beside playing some old favourites, I suppose you write also new songs. How is public reacting to your new material? Is your musical direction still the same or you're trying to break new grounds?
    SA: Yes, I write new songs all the time. The public seems to like them. I think my musical direction changes all the time. In each song, I try to do at least one new thing.

VI: What could you say about the current music scene around you, is it comparable to the sounds of those days. I think you're the one who could tell it best?
    SA: Musicians are better now. They have better technique and they have better education. They are probably more disciplined too, than we were. But I don't think they have the same inspiration that we did. There is not that wild sense of promise in music now that there was in the 60's. And having that feeling is very important for an artist. It gives a focus and direction to the music. But I think this feeling can come back to music any time.

VI: Are you/band in control of Big Brother releases through the years, numerous compilations, unreleased concerts, live tapes, etc?
    SA: We are in partnership with Janis' brother and sister who inherited her share of what we did in Big Brother. Sony Music has most of the recorded material that we did (aside from bootlegs) and they will release it all in time. Usually they talk to the brother and sister first. This is strange for us, since the brother and sister didn't really have anything to do with making the music in the first place. They were just children when we played with Janis. But the brother and sister are good people

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