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Blesok no. 18January, 2001
Sound Reviews

Balkans' R'n'R Summit

("Taksirat" 2 - "Misfortune" 2) "Oak" version

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Ljupčo Jolevski

   The Festival, held in the night between 25 and 26 November this year at Skopje Fair, did not have the ambitions to be an official indicator of the Balkan “co-operative movement” in the relishing of “European licking sticks” as well as “the event” in Zagreb for instance, and this makes it an ordinary honest and nice move for consuming life energy in normal doses and without walls in the head.
    Rock ‘n’ roll, as a specific stadium of consciousness and expenditure of energy, basically canalizes the revolt and instigates action, which by rule should bring about an inter-generation unity and an idea of open and unconditioned communication. For its part, a couple of decades backwards its “Balkan” reading did not only promote rock ‘n’ roll stage in the-then common country as one of the more exciting ones in Europe in the given period, but also naturally opened processes in youth (sub)culture that significantly influenced the courses of social life in general. Nonetheless, when this level of understanding of the world was confronted with the practicing of the rudimentary trash Balkanhood in its animalistic shape, there occurred the opening of “Pandora’s box” and … Eventually, the start of the New Millenium will be marked as the time of the healing up of the wounds and the regaining of the belief that there must be a way-out of the labyrinth of the “wild Balkans”, and the people in (counter)culture will be the ones that will increasingly continue tracing bridges of mutual understanding, which the above-mentioned miraculously did not manage to stop even in the days of bloodshed however absurd it may sound. Hereby, in no case must it be forgotten that owing to the “orthodox rock ‘n’ roll guys” in the country, right Macedonia was the place where on many occasions in the days of antagonism hands were given and memories were evoked as an overture to a different tomorrow and as perspectives that will end at the stake of the newly-built fence of the “flock”.

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    Now, what is the relation of all this with Taksirat Festival and the guys from Lithium, where the spokesmen are “the dirty Balkan people” Login (Kochishki) and Trendo (Sasho Macanovski)? A simple one. The above-mentioned, with a dose of humor and an idea of reality characteristic only of them decided to take the anti-depressant Taksirat (*way of action: Taksirat is quickly absorbed in

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