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Blesok no. 02April-May, 1998
Sound Reviews

Interview with Dragan Dautovski

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Maja Čanaćević

Macedonia, country with very rich cultural and historical tradition, a mixture of various nations and cultures, country rich with music and folklore. DD Synthesis is one of the very rare ensembles that are managing to present Macedonian folklore music on a very authentically and original way. Macedonian traditional music abounds in unique specifics concerning the melody, harmony, rhythm, interpretation, and instruments. All these very important components are preserved and presented in the DD Synthesis' music. The aim of the group, apart from the music, is also preservation of the authentic specifics of the Macedonian music folklore. Thus, the synthesis includes the old – authentic, where the roots are, and the new, – new way of living in modern society. Synthesis of kaval, zurla, gajda, drums, with the modern piano, keyboard instruments, and rustic way of singing (typical interpretation of the Macedonian way). Synthesis of the past, present and the future.

On April 16th, 1998 in the Universal Hall in Skopje, Macedonia, the concert of DD Synthesis was held, which was worth seeing and talking about. It was really very special event. On this concert they were presenting their already published music, and some new material as well.

Dragan Dautovski is the person who has established the group, he is the composer of the DD Synthesis music, arrangements, and the leader of the group, too. We will talk with him not about DD Synthesis only, but about the importance of this kind of music for the Macedonian music culture as well.

BLESOK: What was the idea for establishing such an ensemble i.e. group?

DD: The idea for establishing a group with this kind of structure was mine. After the work with Mile Kolarovski, traditional Macedonian instruments orchestra, after the work with group Anastasia and all that music that was presented in the movie “Before the rain”, I had to find the most convenient way to continue with all that work. Restoration of the traditional folk instruments, preservation of the Macedonian folklore… all that was my inspiration and somehow I became aware that I have to gather the group that will continue with Macedonian musical tradition, of course in new frames, with something that will distinguish the group from the others, adding new form of the traditional Macedonian music; and at the same time the group that will follow all the streams and all the new waves, bearing the signs of today's life.

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