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Blesok no. 20April-May, 2001
Gallery Reviews

Leap Into the Void

Milano Film Festival, 2001

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    The 2000 annual definitely outlined MilanoFilmFestival as a talent scout and promoter of young cinema authors throughout Europe.
    Through worldwide searches for films and thanks to a growing participation of filmmakers, the Festival could be considered as one of the most representative in proposing the innovative side of the young cinema world
Films and authors presented every year to our public, arrive at the Festival breaking many barriers: they pass over the geographical and political borders of hundreds of countries and ethnical groups, cancelling distances and language differences. They go beyond their own country’s production poverty or crash cinema rules on genre, claiming for a distribution still missing; they engage in risky creative actions using innovative formats, techniques and languages.
    The cinema MilanoFilmFestival is proposing is made by its authors.
    And they’re able to express themselves, through their work, as political individuals, aware of the current world they’re living in, participating and attentive to changes. They’re people who can use the cinematographic mean to challenge and subvert the rules a little, getting our of superficiality: in content, style and production.
    In content they choose unconventional themes or narrative constructions.
    In style, they keep away from the acknowledged cinema clichés of industrial as well of independent cinema, experimenting new languages and techniques.
    In production, they don’t stop at a good, nice packaged film that audience could easily receive and take in; they choose a low budget solution to concentrate, instead, on what to say and why; that is to say focusing on the reasons of making cinema rather than on means.

Promotion and Distribution: Free Enjoying of the Cinema

    There’s an art, the cinema, and there’s a public who should freely enjoy it. A significant part of the Festival actions are organised on these basis.
    Also for this, we put our effort every year in enlarging the audience our selected filmmakers could reach.
    Every year hundreds of international guests and visitors, filmmakers, professionals and students, are invited to join the Festival and its side events. So they can be known by the public not only from their films but in a personal and authentic way, be there in person with other filmmakers, to share their artistic opinions. Events, interviews, informal meetings and coffee breaks are organised along the week to encourage exchanges.
    MilanoFilmFestival is a promoter and an alternative distributor for all films too often kept away from cinemas and audiences by profit based policies.
    MFF starts some promotional actions on

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