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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 22 | volume IV | August-September, 2001



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Blesok no. 22August-September, 2001

I Love You, Sweet Creature

p. 1
Dinko Delić

   It says by the entrance of a nine-floor building, No.1 Šaban Zahirović Street in Tuzla. The majestic graffiti painted with fancy letters on the grey wall in the spray-technique. This graffiti is not majestic because of its design but because of its content – an inscription about love. It looks like a picture-book for children in happy wonderland. You can hardly believe your own eyes. In a country where medieval inscriptions on tombstones are dignified inscriptions about death. Where the dominant religions emphasise modesty as an important virtue. Where after centuries of coexistence the valuable cultural languages are proclaimed to be an insurmountable disparity. In a country where 14-year-old girls are kidnapped. Where bombs are put into houses and cars, where journalists and returning refugees, even ministers are killed. Where people eat contaminated food and take pills whose date of expiry is from the past millennium… April 2001 in the Balkans (capriciously resisting globalisation) is really not the month when the unemployed and constitutive citizens of B&H should pass by this message without noticing it. Because April is the famous month of lovers who (usually) chirrup beneath the blossoms. In the wonderland that is B&H. A land of friendship between the sexes. Between sexy nations. So, my dear citizens-passers-by, with a desire for a legal state and European integrations, if we look back and if we don’t find under the incriminated graffiti the scented fruit of love, is there hope even for an ordinary tolerance between creatures that proudly call themselves people?
       Because, as the firmly convinced fighters for human rights would say: friendship between a man and a woman is possible. Men and women spend their married lives together even when the initial love “fades”. They take care of each other through the sweet good times and the every-day bad times. They give birth to crying children and raise them. They sleep in the same bed breathing (without make-up and unshaven) nose to nose. They earn their pension and rheumatism together, why not also friendship? Orthodox feminists as well as fanatic macho-types would cite numerous examples to disprove the too open-minded idea of male-female friendship. For example, the “deficit of qualities” of the female sex or the excess of “primitivism” in the male sex. This (perhaps?) erotic animosity originating even from the primal community, now, in the 21st century is emanated as “hyper-modern” sexual chauvinism founded in the

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