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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 23 | volume IV | October-November, 2001



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Blesok no. 23October-November, 2001
Sound Reviews

Interview with Javier Vargas

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Vasja Ivanovski

Tell me more about your musical beginnings, like when did you start to play, was guitar your first instrument and who turned you on to music in general?
    I started at 1969 in Argentina, and from the beginning I knew that my instrument is the guitar. My father bought me my first guitar, a very cheap electric one.

Was there any musical tradition in your family, so that you could proceed with it sort of naturally?
    I had an uncle that played violin, and everybody in my family loves music, but I am the only one that has dedicated life to music.

Who were your earliest influences and did they define your musical path?
    My first influences were Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, B.B.King, Frank Zappa, Ten Years After, Cactus, Black Sabath, Cream… In my musical path I have collected this blues rock influences, and also Latin and psychedelic stuff.

Are you a self taught musician or somebody taught you the basics of your instrument or maybe you have taken some music course at the time?
    I am a self taught musician. I only took a few lessons when I was a child in Argentina.

Which time period do you consider personally as the most satisfying for you as musician or you think it's still to come?
    The best is yet to come.

You seem to connect successfully blues with segments of Spanish traditional music, was that your idea or it just happened that way?
    I do love Flamenco music, and also like Latin rhythms I also love to experience with music, so once I decided to fusion Blues, rock and Latin, so to try, and I liked it!!

Who were, if any, your guitar heroes when you started out and why?
    Jimi Hendrix because he was out space.
    Jimmy Page, because the way he invented Hard Blues.
    Alvin Lee, because his fast fingers.
    Jeff Beck because his guitar talks.
    B.B.King because he is the king of blues.
    Albert King because of his bending and his phrases.
    Steve Ray Vaughan, because of his freshness and his blues power.

Javier Vargas @ Buddy's

Do you have any favorite players, not necessarily guitarists at the moment?
    Astor Piazzola, Mile Davis, Camaron, Prince, Eric Clapton, Chris Duarte

What do you think about the current blues scene that you're involved with, is it progressing and how do you project it in the future?
    There are very good blues bands in Europe and in the U.S..
    Could you name your five “desert island” albums?

    Beatles – Sergeant Pepper's
    Led Zeppelin II
    Jimi Hendrix –

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