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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 21 | volume IV | June-July, 2001



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Blesok no. 21June-July, 2001

Macedonian Poetic Dialectics

Foreword to Anthology of Young Macedonian Poets

p. 1
Jovica Tasevski - Eternijan

    When analyzing the structural characteristics of this poetry one can easily discern that the lyrical subject is almost inevitably, explicitly present and exclusively active in the realm of meditation. However, the swift changes of the aspect regarding the subject matter create an illuminative effect in Madžirov’s poetry. At the same time, these characteristics are outlined by a communicative poetic discourse of a metonymic-narrative type.
    The poetic output of Ivica Antevski has so far been appreciated for its wide thematic resourcefulness. The reflective element in his lyrical achievement stands as a priority, but it is placed in a symbiotic relationship with the aestheticised emotive tension. The ultimate effect of such poetic configuration is an emotionally impregnated thought.
    It is common practice in Anteski’s poetry to modernize classical Greek mythology, i.e. to mythologize our time. This he obtains by inclusion of various fragments of our technological society in a well-known mythological framework.
    The poetry of Ivica Antevski is characterized by unity of image and rhythm. It should also be noted that the imagery in his poetry is often engulfed by the unconscious flow of associations that are freely combined to give an ultimate effect of paradox. This poetic practice reveals an explicit and implicit intertextual relationship with surrealism.
    Another element in the poetry of Ivica Antevski is his choice and use of words. One can say that his poetry is founded on a linguistic alloy composed by intellectual, technical and naturalistic elements, which the author skillfully and inventively blends together in order to create very original metaphorical constructions. The graphic experiments that the poet undertakes, the odd, unexpected line breaks, and the absence of punctuation also contribute to the semantic gravity of his poetry.
    Among the dominant poetic principles that are put to work in the verse of Maja Apostoloska one can underline the principles of auto-referentiality and intertextuality. By stressing the fact that the poetry of Maja Apostoloska is characterized by auto-referentiality, one consequently reveals that she delves deep into the ground for her poetic endeavour and builds her lyrical concept and expression on solid foundations. At the same time, one can note that besides Apostoloska’s high fidelity to auto-referentiality, she also shows tendency and inclination to polemics that results in very intricate intellectual irony. Therefore, Maja Apostoloska’s poetry can be regarded as symbiosis between the intellectual and the creative.
    Finally, when looking into the poetic work of Maja Apostoloska from the aspect of poetic ideas, motifs

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