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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 21 | volume IV | June-July, 2001



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Blesok no. 21June-July, 2001
Sound Reviews

Interview with Darko Rundek

We "suck it & blew it" so naïve!

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Ljupčo Jolevski

Darko Rundek is a rock musician and the speaker for the cult band “Haustor”, director, poet and one of the apostles of the “new wave” revolution that happened to the former YU rock’n’roll. This conversation is memorized at the end of the “Skopje gori…” (Skopje Burning…) Festival and in the eve of the publishing of his new book of poetry in which will appear the well-known (for us) songs (poems) from his previous albums.

BLESOK: After all this years, this now should present yours matured creation period. Do you ask yourself some questions like – How far did I get? What have I done really? How to move further?

Darko Rundek

RUNDEK: I always do audit myself. With that, I free myself of the foolishness surplus in me accumulated by all kind of things I do in my life, and that makes more free to observe objectively what’s happening to me consequently in time, and also helps me to identify myself more accurate. Although, as years pass on, I somehow free myself of numerous unwritten rules I thought (at the time) they mean something to me. I’m not so strict with myself anymore. I’m even free to say that in time – I become much milder… Which doesn’t necessarily mean less critical… both to myself and to my work. I probably succeeded in the efforts to become more “friendly”… And after all this time, also, I can say that finally I became a real singer, now I can do (in a row) all the concerts without calculating or even temporary losing quality of my voice… Some things like this come only with time… You know, even lyric and music, both in my solo editions are reflection of my age: I don’t act younger or older than I am in fact now. I simply try to be frank and true… just like I’ve always been.

BLESOK: Almost a decade you are living and working in France. But, that doesn’t seem to stop you to be very present at the Croatian and Balkan music scene. Is that your vision of being the mature rock’n’roller?

RUNDEK: Well, it’s true that me and my family live in the suburban area of Paris. That is my temporarily refuge, and my time there is fulfilled with a lot of work and moments of tranquility, and it is a fortune that only your beloved wife and son, your dog and your tree

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