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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 21 | volume IV | June-July, 2001



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Blesok no. 21June-July, 2001
Sound Reviews

The Wild Gallop of the “Horses”

Balkan Horses Band

p. 1
Ljupčo Jolevski

The Concert of Balkan Horses Band in Skopje, as a part of the popular all-Balkan Promotion of the project, revives the idea for more aggressive attack of the artists from this – traditionaly – musically over-wealthy part of the world, at the global music sound. Therefore, the historical meaning of the moment can be wisely raised to endless potentials; or, in contrary, to be buried in ashes because of the “hard” ears by the “tailors” from the wide-world discography business.


Balkan Horses Band

    The Balkan, if we ignore the tribe wars for domination, never was some dark “reign” for the real-faith Balkanians. Even less for the artists through the time, the artists whose identity was built on the ethnic wisdom and the beat of their own tradition. Through that process, the specifics and distinctions of the entities that lived here from the very beginnings of the civilization on this lands, gave birth to the complex rhythms and the richness of the musicality so gloriously exciting and so divinely beautiful, almost incomparable to any other on the planet. Even in this time of wiping out the space limits, when one– only by pressing a button – can have all the wisdom of the world, time and space, the Balkan, in the very center of the Babylon whore – Europe – amazingly stays one of the greatest enigmas. This is especially a case on the issue of this music in which code is written the wisdom of the ancient human cradle.
    And when we reach for the creative burst in this modern times, there must be noticed that because of the political positioning, from the divided Balkan – too long – only the primal esoteric were “selling” as a musical product, the primal “esoteria” which with no exception was positioning in the same “drawer”. The “drawer” compatible and “easy for the stomachs” of the western consumers. Especially in the last decade, when they became almost with no excitement and (conditionally) awakened their traditional colonial hunger. But to be honest, on there “digestive urges” influenced a lot the Balkans themselves who, driven by their lust for success in the large world business, started to “scratch the ears” of the western consumer with a small and almost (only seemed like) unimportant compromises. Therefore, understandable is the breach and success of the deceiving masters like Goran Bregovic, who – to be honest again – with the admiring persistence and impudence,

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