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Blesok no. 24January-February, 2002
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Sharp Film Eye

p. 1
Živko Andrevski

All of the scansions so far show that the young people in Macedonia have highly sophisticated taste and knowledge concerning the film culture. What concerns their general potentials – they’re educated, intelligent, curious, and communicative. It’s normal and completely natural – and, not a surprise at all.

    It’s understandable that no one in the world of culture and especially in the world of the filmmaking could easily reject the potential knowledge about the average profiles of the film audience. Especially about the young audience – it is always an important subject for these types of observation.
    Now, what do we know about the young Macedonian film audience – its principles, values, criteria and how that reflects on the national film art and culture?
    If we establish the relations in mechanical principles, among the wider cultural context – about the positions and places of the youth in Macedonian society in the last two decades: their beliefs, desires, inclinations, interests and needs – it can be concluded that the feelings of loneliness, disability, mistrust and non-perspective largely prevails over the others.
    Of course that there are arguments which can confirm this view. But, there are always other, also relevant results of the statistic analyzes that will offer some other views, as well. The elements of this full, completed view, by my opinion, would be: the youth in Republic of Macedonia, besides the difficulties they encounter, they still are in the world trends in their education, culture and art, sport, technologies (especially in digital technologies) and in a numerous number of prospective professions, as well. I draw this conclusion from the long years of my work on this field, from the long and fertile work and communication with the young generations in the scanned period (those people who in 1990 were 19, now they are at age of 30).

    When the world was at the doorsteps of the 21st century, the young Macedonian population was involved in the wider process of the society’s transition (mostly visible through overcoming the communal properties and consensual economy, and transforming those into the private properties and the market economy, as well as through the change of the political mono-party system into a plural political system and through the implementing of the new citizen’s society with its values, etc.). The role of the Macedonian youth can be defined as almost totally observing, without any real influence and involvement from their behalf. Of course,

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