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Blesok no. 25March-April, 2002
Sound Reviews

Interview with Michael Hill

If you're willing to do what you like, you can survive!

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Vasja Ivanovski

Michael Hill

Most blues critics and blues lovers agree that Michael Hill is one of the “chosen few” who would take the blues into New Millenium. With his each new project Michael gets closer to his goal setting new standards to the idiom. Blues fans in Macedonia had a rare occasion to witness his qualities, when he played here on our traditional Skopje Blues & Soul Festival two years ago. His gig is still talk of the town among blues lovers and one have to bear in mind that B.B.King, Ray Charles, Lucky Peterson and others played here!
    In his exclusive interview for “Blesok” Michael speaks about his musical path, future plans and wishes.

VI: Could you tell more about your recent activities?
    Michael Hill:
At the moment we are promoting our latest CD “Larger Than Life” which has been released in Europe by French “Dixiefrog” label. We plan to do a world tour soon with a number of dates in Europe. After three successful albums for “Alligator” I thought that some changes were in order regarding some concepts in production, so some changes were necessary so that we could continually strive for goal to achieve as better recorded blues feeling as we could get. That's why I think that our latest album is the best so far and we've been doing a lot of promotion lately, playing some European festivals, solo gigs and I could tell that reception of new material has been very favourable so far. We did some gigs in Poland, England, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium. We also have lined up some gigs in Yugoslavia this Spring, then probably going to South America and USA, you see we are busy bluesmen at the moment!
Speaking of work, is it possible to make a living by playing the blues?
    Michael Hill:
Yes, you can if you're B.B.King or Buddy Guy, ha ha ha! It's much tougher for others, but if you're willing to do what you like, you can survive!
After so many gigs on both sides of Atlantic you are definitely qualified to say if there's any difference between audiences in Europe and USA.
    Michael Hill:
Well, the audiences are basically the same, because we are speaking about the matters of the heart and feelings, people getting fun and understanding our messages. I don't see much differences when we play on both continents. I think there are more things that connect people than there

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