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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 26 | volume V | May-June, 2002



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Blesok no. 26May-June, 2002
Sound Reviews

Goodbye to the Imaginary World

(interview with Gorazd Čapovski from Kismet)

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Ljupčo Jolevski


Kismet, the only Macedonian band with the active publishing contract with foreign label – the L.A. Tone Casualties, published this days their latest album Dreaming (Avalon Production). It is the strongest and the most exciting album of this band, a material that resurrects the spirit of the cult band Mizar. What links this two bands is the name of the guitarist Gorazd Čapovski, one of the men with a great intuition, and one of the initiators of the essential movements of the brave Macedonian rock'n'roll story.

* With the new album, it’s like you say: Here, I’m back home finally, and now – I’m on my own, at last. I have an impression that you said goodbye to the illusions that you can be somewhere else and remain creatively just the same, although, maybe, the foreign-work experience  you gained in the last few years was necessary for you?
    – Somehow, I “gathered” ten years of “emigration”. Two years in England and eight in Australia, so I think – what’s enough is enough. And by the way, for all of that time I was here in my thoughts, and I was only waiting for the moment when I would be able to “cut” my foreign life. “Down under”, as they like to say about the Australian continent, was good for me, everything was secured for me, and everything was at my hand. I had easy & cozy life there. But now, I see that I lived in some kind of imaginary life of mine there. I was recording music there, I performed with my band at numerous clubs, and on the surface, it all seemed quite O.K. And now, when I listen the albums I’ve recorded there, it becomes clear to me that I was, in fact, a prisoner of that “easy” life there, a imprisoned by that imaginary world  that was surrounding me at that time. It’s not that those materials are bad, or something. In contrary. At the end, with those materials I traveled through whole Australia and I reached the publisher like the American Tone Casualties. But simply, I think that they miss a certain important part of my soul. Look, I never cut my links – emotional or else – with my native land, with its rhythms and music… But, out is out, especially when it’s out of your roots. I’m home now, and everything that Kismet does begins and

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