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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 27 | volume V | July-August, 2002



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Blesok no. 27July-August, 2002
Theatre Play


A dream-play with a Shooting at the Alphabet in 15 Scenes

p. 1
Jordan Plevneš



MAKSIM BRODSKI, a son and an actor in the People's Theatre, and a prisoner of his own language
    AVRAM, a father and a ghost, a teacher and an enemy of people, shot right before the letter R
    ARNA, a mother
    KATERINA, Brodski's wife, an archaeologist
    AVRAM THE SON, the son's son
    JANA, the son's daughter
    NAUM, a martyr of Christ, Brodski's brother
    SERAFIM PRODANSKI, a professional revolutionary, retired
    MARGARITA VETEROVA, an actress, Brodski's lover
    MARIA MALON, the hostess of the “Actor of Europe” festival
    Guests in the play:

    ALEXANDER PETRAZHITSKY, an actor in the MHAT, Moscow
    ATTILA REMENYK, an actor in the HNT, Budapest
    HAROLD MILTON, an actor in the Old Vic Theatre, London
    PATRICK LAURIE, an actor in the TNP, Paris
    BOGDAN KAMIENSKI, an actor in the Teatr Dramatyczny, Warsaw
    STEFAN MüLLER, an actor in Schaübuhne am Halleschen üfer, West Berlin

I. Midnight. The People's Theatre. Empty stage.

MAKSIM BRODSKI (Alone, with a plastic white rope, Robespierre's wig, a black garbage bag, a bottle of red wine, and bread wrapped in paper. Rehearses.):
    ”What is happening here, citizens!? Blood should be flowing everywhere!!! We were waiting only for the cry of discontent to ring out from all sides before we speak. (He puts the wig on, unwraps the bread.) We may well ask: have the people been robbed?” (Exasperated with his interpretation of the text, he goes back. He eats.) This won't do, you idiot. It has to come from inside!!! (He begins again.) …“when we see the people's lawmakers display all the vices and luxuries of former courtiers, when we see these marquises and barons of the Revolution marrying rich wives, giving sumptuous banquets, gambling, keeping servants and wearing expensive clothes…” (He drinks.) Stop it!!! Nothing!!!

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