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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 28 | volume V | September-October, 2002



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Blesok no. 28September-October, 2002
Theatre Reviews

The Impressionable Naturalness of the Style

- Risto Shishkov as an actor in the TV-medium -

p. 1
Goran Trenčovski

     We often had an opportunity to face ourselves with the archived glances from the film and TV screen, and along with that, considering the components of the historical values on their acting performances, we note the intermittent changes between the naturally convincing above the artificial non-convincing acting performances, or vice versa. After the kilometers of edited film (and/or video) tape (already as firm and precious rarities), it’s quite clear that the impressionable naturalness of the film alchemy of the actor’s expression can enchant even after the first frames of the film deed, in which, in reasonable amounts – the actor used his own emotion as a binding fluid between the author/director and the audience. But in the same time, we witness the quite long row of the film titles, in which, for the actions of some characters we claim that they seem artificial. Exactly in that antagonistic variety of the acting performances exists the wholeness of the film-image suggestibility, as a record, document or fiction. The extraordinary film-acting format of Risto Šiškov we can only define as a whole of the examples in the nourishing of the natural relationship with the camera eye, producing the performances freed from the clichés and standard (common, plain, simple, etc.) patterns and solutions.
     To speak (or write) with arguments for the “film-man” Risto Šiškov is a firm challenge because of the numerous aspects – generally literary or strictly cinematographic. Considering numerous researchers of the acting performance phenomenon, and looking from the aspect of our art situation, we can note that the claim about the (at least) three key levels (phases) in the development of the Macedonian art in the acting performance, are marked with the works of the representative actors of certain generations, namely: Petre Prličko, Risto Šiškov and Nenad Stojanovski. After the third one, it’s really difficult to select the most specific acting-style representative of the newest generations. Our experience guides us to the notion that, maybe, few more years are needed for that, who knows. In this particular “Šiškov” case, until now, the most of the researches on his acting performances are being done upon his theater acting performances. Now, looking upon his intermedia opus (in whole), we can verify numerous and complex acting performances of his – in the TV medium. The most of them can show that he’s a serious and deeply profound carrier of numerous main roles. But,

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