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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 29 | volume V | November-December, 2002



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Blesok no. 29November-December, 2002
Theatre Play

Nothing without Trifolio

Translated by Alan McConnel-Duff

p. 1
Rusomir Bogdanovski



A comedy in Greco-Roman style
    Written after an encounter
    with the effervescent spirit
    of the Roman comic playwright
    Publius TERENCE Africanus which,
    released from its master's body in the year 159 B.C.,
    has gone on wandering through the centuries.


Cantarion, an old man
    Lavandula, Cantarion's wife
    Petunia, Cantarion's older daughter
    Melissa, Cantarion's younger daughter
    Trifolio, a friend in deed
    Miles Gloriosus Rosmarinus, commander of an infantry battalion
    Hibiscus, an old man
    Pinus, Hibiscus's younger son
    Adonis, Hibiscus's older son
    Camellia, Cantarion's illegitimate daughter

Act one, Scene 1

(Outside Cantarion's house. Lavandula comes out.)

    LAVANDULA: So what if my husband is a millionaire? What difference does it make that he's the wealthiest merchant in Lychnidus, and now a member of the Senate in Scupi, when he's a mean tight-fisted miser? Once he gets his hands on money, even if you beat him he won't let it go! He deals in silk and fine cloths, while his daughters and I go around in the meanest rags in town. It's not because he's clever but because he's mean and stingy that they elected him to the Senate. “In times like this,” they say, “we have to save!” Times have always been like this for us; as soon as we start enjoying life, letting go a little, we have to tighten our belts! Short rations at home, soaring prices outside. And now, while he's making his mark in the Senate, we're up to the arse in cobwebs! Our neighbours have built a place and all we have is this ten-room tumbledown house and the shacks in Scupi, Heraclea, and Stobi… And we have two lovely, darling daughters, both ripe for marriage!
    CANTARION (shouting from inside): Lavandula, where are you?
    LAVANDULA: Under the apricot tree. Here he comes – my husband, Cantarion!

Act one, Scene 2

(Cantarion comes out.)

    CANTARION: This I never expected of you!
    LAVANDULA: What?
    CANTARION: This piece of bread – you gave it to the dog!
    LAVANDULA: It's been stale for some time.
    CANTARION: It's not healthy to eat fresh bread!
    LAVANDULA (aside): It's not healthy, either, for you to be alive.
    CANTARION: What was that?
    LAVANDULA: May you live a long and healthy life!

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