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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 30 | volume VI | January-February, 2003



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Blesok no. 30January-February, 2003
Sound Reviews

Interview with Mizar

They say that everything is already done&played – we don't believe in that!

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Ljupčo Jolevski

The Macedonian cult band Mizar, this days starts to imprint the “lines” of their new revolation. A revolation that shouldn't suppose the incidental collection of already published materials of the two legendary albums (Mizar and Свјат Dreams) to be promoted again, but the album revolation that would suppose a new breach within the frames of the existing music matrix through actualy new music achievements. The Project is named as A Birth of Mizar. Behind this project stands the band's whole team that existed before: the musicians that were supposed as “gone into the legend”, and no one ever thought they will get together ever again, and the team of the label Litium Records. The word for those new moments of the Mizar story for us – has the frontman of this band: Goran Tanevski.

Zharko Serafimovski (drums) – indirectly involved into many cultural events in the past and today

Q: What the project A Birth of Mizar actually presents? Does that mean just ordinary restoring of the band – or is there something more behind that?
    A: Behind the abstinence from the Macedonian music scene in the last few years, we still knew and believe that Mizar left behind itself many undone and unfinished matters and issues. So, we decided to unite again our creative energies in the Star of Hope – Mizar, the phenomenon that left the unerasable imprints onto the Macedonian music scene.
    Q: At that time, Mizar existed as one of the most avant-garde phenomena in our national music scene. Where you picture yourself now?

    A: If we look at the things now, from this time distance, we cannot overlook the things from some different – and we belive from some more qualitative – perspective. From the present perspective, Mizar, at that time, affirmed some very avant-garde music expression through its music. And how much intuitive or aware we were at that time (we were about twenty years old then), we couldn't see how much our music will influence upon the further development of the Macedonian music sound, and even wider. Anyway, if you see some feature film in your 20's and then again in your 30's – the second time you'll certainly comprehend it much more inwhole and in its full menings.
    Q: Can you overcome and upgrade once given concept of the rock'n'roll, Byzantine and traditional Macedonian folklore music mixture you've so successfully interlaced in the past?

    A: Mizar wouldn't be what it is if there wasn't this mixture of so different personalities and

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