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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 30 | volume VI | January-February, 2003



                     Peer-reviewed journal
Blesok no. 30January-February, 2003
Theatre Play

Lepa Angelina

Translated by: Dragi Mihajlovski and Richard Gaughran

p. 1
Blagoja Risteski - Platnar



Lepa Angelina
    Bolen Dojchin
    Sveta Nedela
    Zholta Evreina
    Mitre Pomorjanche
    Pavle Pletikosa
    Jovan Angel
    Simeon Lakapin
    One Old Woman
    Three Old Women
    Roman Mistik
    Corporal I
    Corporal II
    Guard I
    Guard II
    Libyan Soldiers, Monks.

Scene 1

The interior of the “Sveta Nedela” church in Salonica. The church is amply decorated. Everything has a gilded surface, but the candlesticks, chandeliers, iconostasis, and woodcarvings are dusty and covered in cobwebs. A yellowish half-darkness. With a bang the entrance door opens. The draft produces a cloud of dust. Enter Bolen Dojchin, Pavle Pletikosa, Mitre Pomorjanche, and Zholta Evreina. They stand in the middle and look around in silence.

(He looks impressive: with long hair and a fur cap on his head. On his left thigh he wears a Damascus saber, on his right a shining dagger. He is clad in armour.): As Eftimij, the prophet of Kutmichevica said, somewhere down under this white marble lie hidden the valuables of Perun. His spear, a bolt of lightning untouchable, and his shield, in battles unyielding… Search!
: Should we, Dojchin? Must we?
: A rumour is spread under Salonica's walls, a rumour insidious like grains of sand, and it piles up in the conches. Hear it, Zholta Evreina, my robust brother: from the other side, beyond the wide sea, the Libyan army is preparing to attack. They are arming a hundred three-leveled cedar galleys, a hundred three-leveled ebony rowboats, a hundred bronze ships with black sails. They are arming them and waiting for the right moment: a cold wind to blow, a sign for them to move hither. When they arrive, what will they find?… just us few defenders of the fortress.
: Aren't we enough?
: For death too many, for hope just enough, for victory too few… Long ago, under the city of Byzantium, our phalanx was routed, because our leader did not discern the warnings. Blinded by the battle, he did not direct his army towards the seven walls of Constantinople, and there was no other hero to fight, to rise and kill the damned beast. Since then, we haven't mustered a strong army, merely, now and then, a single hero, slaughtered before his time. Therefore, search! If anything can save us from the Libyan monster, it is the weapons of our Lord.
: When Dojchin's word demands a search, then we must search.
: Where? How?
: Like this. (He draws his dagger, kneels, and with its handle starts

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