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Blesok no. 30January-February, 2003
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Trilogy – Complex – Wholeness

on "BLACK, BUT BEAUTIFUL" (ALSHAR, NIGRA SET FORMOSA, UPPER LAND) author: Blagoja Risteski – Platnar; production: Pegasus Film, 2001

p. 1
Petar Volnarovski

    Rarely one has opportunity to see something really specific in the field of the film art, especially in this time we live in… Most often, what we see, are some “confection” (more or less attractive) films, or at least standardly done (more or less creatively shaped) classical esthetic forms. Of course, there are some films that stand as a kind of an (more or less self-justified) experiment. But, fortunately, from time to time, in each of these above-mentioned groups, some real achievement appears – as a certain refreshment; or, even less, some achievement that creatively breaches through the norms and conventions of the genre’s and esthetic form’s – and brings to us something quite new and essentially different. That breach is positive exclusively in the cases when that “breaking” of the norms is constructively made, and when the breach of the classic forms is done by a real esthetical and essential overcoming of that norms. That understands, above all, their previous deep comprehending, and a well knowledge of all limitation they cause with their “firming and bastioning” during the time. Only then – the deconstruction happens, that will mean a new creation with a purpose within its essence, in spite of the destruction that means only a negation and destruction without any purpose. Or, more accurate:
    The deconstruction
breaks the firm classical norms, replacing them with some new, improved and semantically wider ones, broadening the frontiers for the art creating consciousness, while the destruction breaks the norms leaving a gap behind, a gap without any awareness of nothing else, but of the art expression impotence.
    Unfortunately, most often, we are only witnesses of the destruction, and much more rare we witness deconstruction, because – always is much easier to destroy something, than to create and re-create… To make a creation needs much more: a high awareness and reasoning is needed to create, but also a high literacy as well – as, most probably, the Blagoja Risteski – Platnar would say, the author of this film Odyssey here I speak of…
    And may you not be puzzled because of my word expression when I write about this film-deed, so different than the one I usually write my lines, because there is no other way to write about this journey, so different than all others we knew of till now; there is no other way to scribe the deeply contemplated pilgrimage through the hidden solemnities

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