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Blesok no. 32May-June, 2003

Potent Critical Approach

(Bogomil Gjuzel "Bundle", Magor, Skopje, 2002)

p. 1
Elizabeta Šeleva

Hardly that this time of would be the 'time of the words' or of the 'moral behaviour'. We would better say that this time we live in, is more a time of 'mocking the words', a 'raping' of the word ethics and poetics. Somehow, the word comes out as a secondary addition, a decoration in service of the skillfully managed marketing by the financial capital and the politic. The writings of wisdom and virtues are being banished from 'the stage', upon which the powers of the profit govern, and the language of the violence and arms prevails. But anyway, we just can't deprive of the power of the 'word', because it is the last mean of the individual and creative hope. In the grasps of the epochal crisis, some of us still write down our own – small or big – messages, like some gods with which one can enterprise his own inevitable journey, with or without return.
    What the book of intellectual critics “Bundle” by Bogomil Gjuzel consists, and why title like this one above?
    ”The word 'Bundle' means the variety of contents, objects, necessities, etc., which can be carried on as a personal (life) baggage, as their owner/author can personally gather and transfer/migrate from the literary periodicals into one book… Something as a removal/migration, or some kind of a personal recapitulation – or in contrary, as some kind of a presentation in front of the others, and finally – as the word 'Bundle' also implies: preparing (and giving) a gift”. (Gjuzel, 2002:10)
    'Bundle' – book, 'bundle' – gift, 'bundle' – necessary baggage. Transferring of the objects of knowledge – is the same as an art of making 'bundle'-packages. The selection and the transferring (republishing) of the texts from one medium to another, from one time to another, is the same as making 'bundle'-packages. The writing is a constant epitomizing (rejecting of all what's unnecessary). The letter is necessary as always – it is the on and only 'bundle' for the writer. The only gift for the writer is – the letter. For the writer, the letter is the only undeniably personal – baggage and gift. These are only a few of the numerous connotations provoked by the small introductory note on the latest (for now, the second) book of essays and critics by Bogomil Gjuzel.
    Here gathered, strictly selected, texts – regardless of their origin date, which is within the period

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