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Blesok no. 03June-July, 1998

For the meaning of the unconscious and for the power of the imagination

- in the narration world of Witold Gombrowicz and Aleksandar Prokopiev -

p. 1
Angelina Banović-Markovska

Modern studies are pointing on the fact that in the world of the human values a sign is represented, in fact the man itself is a sign, and the whole his life is lived through transparent meanings, gained as result of some real or unconscious pressed wishes. And if the interpretation of the sign culture is the most important precondition for the human existence, than the acceptance of the bi-layer nature of the meaning – the latent no-constructed and the conscious, the constructed – it won't be nothing but a result of one interference between the surface structure and the depth “no-structure”. But, to say this same thing on the simpler way: when we talk about the semiology as science of the meanings, we can't oversee the possibility for existence of two parallel worlds: rational and irrational, and – simultaneously – on two parallel meanings, because for one hermeneutical type of analyze, every new discovered meaning can be use as a sign for other deeper and dependable for the previous.
    Coming from that, in the epistemology of the verbal arts as logical relation between the part and the whole, appears the relation literature sign – referee who in one metonymical sense of the word is reflecting the relation literature act – world. And precisely those: the material world from one and the fiction universe of the literature act from one side, are bringing in game the motivation of the signs, and are realizing the connection between the multitude of the marks and the multitude of the marked. In this process of transfer of the mean text, the ambiguous essence of the linguistic sign – which power to produce marked that in role of sign, and we are coming back on the beginning of this circulus vitiosus: transferred from the level of the code in the multi-meaning level of the hermeneutic, we are coming in contact with the semantically transformations, and by the principle of replacement of the sema in arhisema, we are creating the new meaning of the word in the deep structure of the artistic discourse.

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