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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 33 | volume VI | July-August, 2003



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Blesok no. 33July-August, 2003
Theatre Play

Even worst things happen

p. 1
Žarko Milenić


Dramatis personae

Bernard, 30
    Lucija, 25
    Edvard, 30
    Alen, 20
    Nina, 20
    Martin, puppet, 25

… 1. ..

Bedroom. In the midlle of it a double bed. Besides it two cupboards. Big wardrobe closet. On the bed lie Lucija and Bernard. He is embracing her. She tears off and stands up.
    BERNARD: What are you waiting for? Undress!
    LUCIJA: I'll undress in the bathroom… (moves to the door)
    BERNARD: In the bathroom? Should we do it there?
    LUCIJA (turning back): Of course not. I'll take a shower.
    BERNARD (disapointed): Shit.
    LUCIJA: Can't you just wait a few minutes!
    BERNARD: You could as well do it later.
    LUCIJA: I want to wash off this sweat. After me, it's your turn. I can't stand the smell of my sweat. And particulary somebody else's!
    BERNARD: But who can wait so long! Let's take the shower together!
    LUCIJA: We tried that once. And than you were so hasty and we stayed there… Not there, I don't want any more!
    BERNARD: Why? Are you saving water and feel sorry to use up so much?
    LUCIJA: In bed it's much more comfortable. (opens the door) A bit more of patience won't hurt you. (closes the door)
    BERNARD: Hell!
    Walks around the room.
    Outside, sound of breaking of the branch. Scream. Bang.
    Bernard shakes. Quickly, he jumps under the bed.
    Lucija rushes in, wearing a gown.
    LUCIJA (looking around, calling): Bernard! Where are you, for god's sake?
    BERNARD (under the bed): Don't shout.
    LUCIJA: Hell, where are you?!
    BERNARD: Under the bed. Don't shout I'm not deaf.
    LUCIJA (peeps under the bed): What are you doing there?
    BERNARD: I'm playing the role of a lover with bad luck. If you didn't go for a shower, we could have been finished by now!
    LUCIJA: Did you hear the bang?
    BERNARD: I've aleready told you I'm not deaf. Now I am dead shure to be beaten for something I haven't done. It serves me well for finding a lover on the second floor!
    LUCIJA: Do you think it was my husband? (laughs) That he crushed the door? If so, he would be here by now.
    BERNARD: We could do it in the first floor. There is a room and a bed, too. In that case, if jealous husband comes, I could easily jump out the window. Even without a hengalider…
    LUCIJA: Stop talking nonsense. It can’t be him, no way. You know I called airport. They told me his plane went off.
    BERNARD: With him or without him? You didn’t ask that.
    LUCIJA: If he didn’t fly away, he would fly

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