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Blesok no. 03June-July, 1998
Gallery Reviews

A Dialogue With Life

(About Čemerski's Art)

p. 1
Boris Petkovski

My life-long affection with the work of Gligor Čemerski makes me believe in such definitions of the nature of artistic creativity according to which we can often identify the artist with his works. I think that they are the true artist's biography, his testimony and materialization of his creative spirituality. The act of creation is often regarded as a phenomenon in which the person who performs it is in an extraordinary state, when the artist yields to the trance in order to reach the sublime areas of the spirit where the Good and the Beautiful unite. Through this catharsis he practically becomes equal to the ritual and the mystical effect of any mythology or religion. In fact, it is there that he searches and finds the sacral.
    Let us not forget that Čemerski grew up by the side of Petar Mazev, surely one of the bards of newer Macedonian painting, who said many times “since Čemerski's early childhood and throughout my whole life, I have never had a closer creative collocutor”. In Belgrade, where he completed his studies and post graduate studies in fine arts and where, with great success, he experienced his first cultural promotion, he found himself in a friendly four, together with Todor Stevanović, Radislav Trkulja and Filip Bulović. “We shared the bread and the salt, the canvas and the colours, but because of the anarchism and the extreme individualism of each of us, so 'unbearable' to our painting environment of the time, we never created a 'group' “, the artist confides in me.

Even in this early period Bata Mihailović, who had an excellent position in the Paris hierarchy, opened the doors of the “Rive Gauche” gallery and those of his friends from the famous “Cobra” to Čemerski. Here's what Mihailović writes in a Paris introduction to Čemerski's exhibition in the “Galerie du Fleuve”: “I love the painting of Gligor Čemerski. Gligor is a born Expressionist. He is a painter with a strong gesture, full of élan, of lightning and thunder. We were in search of the same spirit, when a long time ago we met in the Nerezi monastery, near Skopje. At that time Gligor was just nineteen. This encounter in front of the grandiose 'Mourning' led us to discover our common roots. Since then we swear only on Kurbinovo, Sopočani, Van Gogh, El Greco and

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