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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 34 | volume VI | September-October, 2003



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Blesok no. 34September-October, 2003
Sound Reviews

Dave Douglas – A Man With Many Interests and Passions

p. 1
Nenad Georgievski

    It cannot be said that Dave Douglas is an unknown name in the world jazz scene as there hasn’t been an award that he hasn’t won in the last 10 years. His ethereal writing style predicated on composing unconventional configurations transports audiences into an unfamiliar and unexplored territory. These compositions combined with his astonishing technique and expressionist improvisations have brought him critical and public acclaim. The diversity of his influences is marked by the breadth of the projects that he has fronted: Charms of the Night Sky, Tiny Bell Trio, Parallel Worlds; a jazz sextet; and the electric double quartet Sanctuary. Perhaps his best-known collaboration has been the long association with John Zorn’s Masada. As a member of this ensemble he performed in Skopje in 1995, which he was followed up last year (2002) when he performed with his New Quintet to promote last years album “Infinity”. At the moment, he has a new album out called “Freak In”

    Dave Douglas is a well-known figure in the world of contemporary jazz, a person that navigates effortlessly through various genres regardless if it is free jazz, Indian or Balkan music. As a composer, improviser and trumpeter he is completely dedicated to making music that breaks through the limits and concepts of the traditional jazz form. Having a strong background in jazz, he constantly questions with each new project the boundaries between the genres as well as the assumptions and the notions about music. The variety of his influences and interests is evident in his work i.e. the number of bands that he leads which leaves one with the impression he is involved in a miriad of different projects.
    If you want to understand his music then you will have to leave behind any pre-conceived notions about jazz you might have because the music he creates cannot be easily categorised. In the past, he has played in numerous ensembles and has participated in over 70 albums by various other artists, while in the last 15 years he has released around 16 albums of his own and is the leader of 8 bands. Each of these bands plays music that is unique and different and all of them reflect in some form his tastes and interests.
    He started playing music at a very young age by playing various instruments, eventually choosing the trumpet as his main instrument. In high school, he studied jazz and classical harmony,

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