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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 35 | volume VII | March-April, 2004



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Blesok no. 35March-April, 2004

Ugliness Overcome

p. 1
Dejan Ničevski

    Beautiful and ugly are usually understood as two opposites: beautiful is not ugly, and ugly is not beautiful. When people should decide upon something, they usually take the beautiful and reject the ugly. Esthetically, beautiful is defined as what is pleasing the senses. Thus, as the opposite to beautiful, ugly is the thing that does not please the senses. Those who love the beautiful encounter the ugly just to avoid it, or to create beauties confronting with the ugliness.
    Still, the world is not so two-sided. Most things are neither only beautiful, nor only ugly. The beautiful in which there is not a single trace of ugliness is called gorgeous. The ugly that is completely deprived of beauty is considered horrible. Life mostly moves between the gorgeous and horrible. Beauty participates with the ugly ones as well; ugliness often joins beautiful things. For example, some ugly phenomena involve beautiful elements that make them acceptable. The bearable ugly is named unattractive. On the other hand, certain beautiful things also posses ugly segments, which, though noticeable, are still far from endangering the dominance of beautiful. What is beautiful with an insignificant participation of ugly is considered pretty or appealing. Handsome or elegant are obtained by subtle refining of the most beautiful forms. Cute and sweet mostly reside in the middle between beautiful and ugly.
, there are many things that are partially ugly: some of their components are not likeable to the senses. The world knows successful show-business creatures that are unpleasant to all senses. Popularity and wealth of these creatures shows that their ugliness was massively surpassed, and they moved from the dump of despicable to the area of adored. Experience equally shows that besides ample possibilities of choice, many persons choose for a spouse a person that is far from the esthetic ideal. Scary or repulsively ugly animals are often kept as pets. Throughout the history, art managed to enshrine some very ugly persons. All of these cases demonstrate some absolving of the ugliness. We will shortly describe this process.
    First of all, we question the artistic relevance of psychological identification. The truth is that the glory of pointless and unarticulated is mainly due to the fact that the mass of admirers also has the same disorientation. Said in Plato’s way, the ugly rejoices the beautiful. It is true that every man can recognize in the overall ugliness the bit of ugliness he

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