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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 36 | volume VII | May-June, 2004



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Blesok no. 36May-June, 2004
Sound Reviews

Ibrahim Ferrer – Cuban Legend

p. 1
Nenad Georgievski

The unexpected commercial and critical success of the Buena Vista Social Club release in 1997 helped for better affirmation of Cuban music worldwide. The album was sold in several millions of copies, won a Grammy, a movie was shot, while the participants got recognition and success which were never really given previously. Ibrahim Ferrer was a surprise to whom this project allowed a whole new career. Today his albums are sold in millions of copies and his concerts are always crowded.

With the success of Buena Vista album the participants on that album including you became international celebrities and Cuban music is now more popular than ever. How do you fell about what you've done to Cuban music?

I am very proud of it. It was very important for me to be able to represent our culture all over the world. Cuban music has so much to give and I try to make it arrive to everyone.

After the worldwide success and recognition, has anything changed for these musicians in Cuba? Are they more respected now?

Musicians always are respected in Cuba, but now, the music that we do is playing at the radios again, and now young people are listening to our music again. This is great, you know, to recover these songs, witch are the roots of everything.

What was the reaction of the people in Cuba towards this unexpected discovery of Cuba’s lost treasures?

They were never lost… as I say, young people were more use to modern music, like rap, rock and so one. And now they are paying more attention to our traditional music.

What are your fondest memories of the Buena Vista recording sessions? How do you see the success of Buena Vista as a whole after all these years?

I have many nice memories, especially my meeting with Omara Portuondo, witch was so touching…, with Ruben Gonzalez and all this fantastic musicians.

The success of Buena Vista allowed us to develop our solo carriers: Omara Portuondo with her band and her first album, now her second album witch is almost finished; also Cachaito Lopez and his band and of course me, with my two solo albums. For all this, the success of Buena Vista was really very important.

Ry Cooder was the key figure during those sessions. He also produced 2 of your solo albums. What's your relationship of friendship and work with Ry Cooder been like? What was it

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