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Blesok no. 37July-August, 2004
Sound Reviews

Laika – Communicating Human Emotions

p. 1
Nenad Georgievski

Just like the dog – astronaut with the same name so does the band Laika travels through outer space making a clear and unbelievable fusion of rock, jazz, dub, krautrock, hip-hop, electronica. One thing is for sure – they don’t sound like anyone else before. Last year they published “Wherever I am I am what is missing” and for the tour that followed they performed in Skopje on the “Taksirat” festival. This interview was done with Guy Fixen before the tour and the completion of the album.

    Laika is one of the most innovative bands that have appeared during the 90's. Before Laika you worked as a producer with bands such as the Breeders and My Bloody Valentine. What are the experiences which you brought into Laika from your previous work. What were some of your early goals as to what Laika should be and should not be?

    I suppose I have soaked up a little of all the music I have ever loved and I try to live up to it. I'm lucky to have worked with some of the people who have made that music and it demystified it and emboldened me to make music myself. I try to reflect the spirit and not the actuality of music that has influenced me.
    Laika has never had any goals as such. We are not conceptual. In fact I would say we are anti-conceptual. Concepts are a tool to help those with an artistic block and generally get in the way of communicating emotions. Our only intent is to make music that is both individual and emotionally charged.

    When a person listens to your records one can notice a variety of influences and sounds within the Laika sound. How would you describe the music you create?
When I am at a truck stop in Idaho I generally answer that question by saying we are a mixture of rock music and dance music – because it saves time! The truth is that there is a little bit of my whole record collection (which is quite big!) plus a lot of things I have originated in there too.

    At the moment you are working on your new album. Can you describe the direction of the new Laika album you are working on?
It's the same but different… This album is quite empty and has been made by only 3 people – our drummer Lou and the two of us.

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