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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 39 | volume VII | November-December, 2004



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Blesok no. 39November-December, 2004

The Supporting Actor

p. 1
Trajče Krsteski

    Because he was one of those actors who live with the misfortune throughout their careers of playing only supporting roles, he became known as The Supporting Actor. In time, this vile title, revealing the man’s failure throughout his life, became his only name. Later, after a couple of years, when he got used to it, somebody might call by his real name, and only after a long pause would he realize they were addressing him. He would be confused, and he would blush, not knowing whether they were mocking him, or if somebody remembered him, the real him, who once, many years ago, young and promising, stepped onto the stage with the internal cry known only to him. He trained his voice, took endless care of his physique, and flawlessly governed his movements, both in life and on stage. He dedicated his body and soul to the theater.
    However, as usually happens with the talented, he remained unseen and misunderstood. But he did not despair. On the contrary. He tried to affirm his talent, to shine brightly in the middle of the dark stage, once and for all putting an end to the great injustice inflicted on him every day, with every role.
    After ten small, negligible roles, after he became concerned about why they had not yet allowed him to demonstrate his real worth, they gave him his humiliating sobriquet.
    It happened after a heated but otherwise insignificant argument in the theater café, when he tried to point out the shortcomings of a young actor and teach him the secrets of an actor’s craft. Instead of accepting this good will with gratitude, the young actor became insulted, infuriated, and among the many insults he angrily blurted out, he mentioned the term supporting actor.
    The seed sprouted immediately.
    Spontaneously, as if it were the most normal thing, they started calling him The Supporting Actor. Not just his friends, but both those who loved him and those who hated him. Maybe he made a mistake in not objecting immediately, in not saying right away that he would not accept such unjust, humiliating attitudes. But he thought it would quickly forgotten, especially since he expected his first big role at any time. He imagined the sudden turn things would take after the fall of the curtains and that long applause, dedicated to him alone. Then everybody from the theater would repent. They would congratulate him and then

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