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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 39 | volume VII | November-December, 2004



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Blesok no. 39November-December, 2004
Sound Reviews

Čalgija is the Pop Music of a Time

An interview with Dejan Spasović – Kaldrma

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Ljupčo Jolevski

By popularising the čalgija music album, the Kaldrma project has been initially completed, following one year work of the memebers of the bands String Forces and Pece Atanasovski Orchestra. this announcement, signed by the producing house profundis, has eleven songs and dances, among which the unique Oj Zarino, Ajde dali znaeš pametiš Milice (Do you remember, Milica), Oj ti mome (Oh thou lass), Tri godini stana kako me zafana (It has been three years)… , noted at the concerts of Kaldrma in Kuršumli An and in the Army Hall in Skopje. all in all, this is another project that strongly supports the tradition and Macedonian music in this time of strong atacks on the real values and national self-awareness.

    The fifteen musicians that signed this project have an enormous love for the original form and especially for the neglected Macedonian čalgija. Therefore, it is quite the same which one of them would speak of their efforts on how they understand the Kaldrma activity. In this case, the correspondence was with Dejan Spasović, from Pece Atanasovski Orchestra. His opinions follow.

    – If you can tell where you come from, not which nationality you belong to, but simply what region you come from, you can surely tell what tradition you belong to. It also implies the questions like what your language is, what your culture is, what your music is, and how all of these elements are incorporated in you. Starting with this question, it is unavoidable for everyone involved in music in any way to encounter the question: what has been done before you and what your place in this whole story is.
    What Pece Atanasovski Orchestra has been trying to do in these past years in this field is how this story can be told.
    In the last ten years, Orchestra has been dealing with the issues of the original music of these areas. In the beginning, the energy that pushed the orchestra to go forward, that is, dig in the past can be described as a youthful infatuation. It was a dream of young people, unaware of the size of the chunk.

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