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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 39 | volume VII | November-December, 2004



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Blesok no. 39November-December, 2004
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Homo homini... canis est?

(on Lars von Trier’s movie DOGVILLE, 2003)

p. 1
Petar Volnarovski

1. Thought. Intention

    Sometimes – neither too often, nor too rare – some work of art, in its attempt to play on the most subtle threads of the essence of the human existence, will weave its melody of human existence, and this melody will raise a song on the ultimate Truths.. And again – only sometimes, that song will manage to penetrate deep enough in those to whom it has been intended, in those depths of human soul where only those “truths with a big T” have the access… Truths that go beyond all ephemeredes and deceits that man – as a being torn in the middle of his attempts to give meaning to his living here and now in this reality – builds inside and around him: sometimes to protect himself, and sometimes to spare himself from the “cruel” reality in the middle of which he lives. Thus, in a shorter or longer time, anyway – he manages to encircle and barricade himself, his feelings and his essence with such a wall of deceits, half-truths and lies that only seemingly ease his existence in this reality… reality in which we have not been given a priori to know the truths and beauties, but we have to look and find them…
    This search is not easy at all for those who had gone far (and we all managed to go far) in building their castles of feelings and thoughts around the most vulnerable and most fragile place inside us: our soul… Closed like that in the false cradles of peace, we judge ourselves – not to be the fire of the beauty of the existence, but just warm ashes of the memory of that fire that was lit inside us with our birth here… Basically, it eats us from inside, and not from the outside! And – often late, though, not to forget, never too late – we realize that what hurts us and scares us does not come from outside, but from the inside, and that all towers and castles that we have build were not only built from the wrong side, but they were built completely needlessly! And then, only then, our search for those “Truths with a big T” starts… And for this search to be really meaningful, one needs to ask the real questions…

    And therefore, let us go back to those works of art that we have mentioned

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