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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 40 | volume VIII | January-February, 2005



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Blesok no. 40January-February, 2005
Sound Reviews

Kobna ubavina – Scream of disagreement to the vultures

p. 1
Ljupčo Jolevski

The album addresses those poor manipulated and tired little souls that have been subjected to indoctrination and political castration, as all of us, through the process of “de-education”, and thus their insides turn over at any mentioning of the word politics – say Gorazd Čapovski, Goran Trajkovski, Vlatko Kaevski, Žarko Serafimovski and Ilija Stojanovski, the guys who are behind the new revelation of the cult Macedonian band

Mizar – the band that issued two records and via Slovenia (Mizar – 1988, Свјат Dreams – 1991), due to the ignoring of the hard-headed ones in the only local production house at the time, MRTV, came to Macedonia and from here went to the world – has a new work 13 years later. This is quite enough for us to maintain the thought that something still happens, that not everything has gone to drains. Kobna ubavina (Terrible Beauty) is an album that is expected to be a strong impulse for the other restless souls of the enduring Macedonian sub-cultural stage.

Kobna ubavina as an album, is an indicator of the maturity of the third revelation of MIZAR. You have gone through many trials and tribulations from the idea of restoring the band to its realization. First it turned out that there were mountains dividing you from Goran Tanevski; then you also split with Risto Vrtev with whom you made Počesna strelba (Honorary Platoon). What was the turning point for your decision to move on: the worm reception of the audience at SRC Kale, the series of concerts in the neighborhood or something else?
    – The insistence to oppose the Macedonian self-destruction syndrome above all. Although we must not neglect the facts of our concerts, both in the country and abroad, still the bitterness with the inability for a broader common “sharing” made us strong and decisive to overcome ourselves and at a certain moment prepare half a concert in seven days and not let down the people who eagerly expected to hear us, and on the other side to enrage the spies who wanted to see us fall, that is, cancel the concert.

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