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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 41 | volume VIII | March-April, 2005



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Blesok no. 41March-April, 2005
Sound Reviews

Zoran Madžirov – Nomad-Musician

I’m Not Afraid of Anything

p. 1
Ljupčo Jolevski

Dalnovod is a perfect logical-cosmic merge between the intellect and intuition with a large and bright dose of humour. This is how I challenge the average and above-the-average ears of listeners from almost all sides of the world, says the Macedonian vibraphonist and magician of bottles, a world traveller with a temporary residence in Germany – Zoran Madžirov, in his interview for Blesok

As an artist and performer of special kind, Madžirov has all the attributes of a big international attraction. With his own skill in vibraphone performance and especially with his splendid playing with the rhythms rooted out of the surface of plain glass bottles, he has been around. Wherever they have listened and seen him, wherever they felt his performing magnetism, from his native Strumica to New York… they were fascinated. He has issued several albums, and since recently he has invested part of his energy in the new project Dalnovod, with his fellow citizen Petar Tasev.

How did the Dalnovod duo happen?
is a typical made in Strumica project. The meeting with Petar Tasev happened in already legendary magical circumstances in our native town. I would not explain it sociologically or philosophically, but my meeting him was “one of those big things.” When I heard his music, I knew that a predestined meeting of two extraordinary personalities would happen. Petar is an unusual artist. His is certain in what he does. By taste and aesthetics he is a typical representative of the current modern trend and he sticks to it uncompromisingly. He plays the computer and makes music that metaphysically explains the future. He has a free spirit and kamikaze-like brave sources of fantasies. In our unavoidable work together he was a real professional ready to work on “long run”. Together, trying to move the limits and borders of the modern music, I found out that he can also make the music that he(we) has(have) never heard… Something that each avant-garde strives towards.

How much will the work in the duo interrupt the activities of the musical nomad as a solo performer? Will there be time to seriously dedicate to the activities of the Dalnovod project?
    I’m known for controlling several things at the same time. Being involved in more than one project makes me happy. Having in mind that the day has 24 hours, and the year 52 weeks, really, everything is possible. After several extravagant performances in Munich

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