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Blesok no. 04August-September, 1998
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“Maklabas,” – or: something new in Macedonia

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Petar Volnarovski

The project called Maklabas, who, at the end became the long-meter film with durance of a 1h. 53min. (or in letters: one hour and fifty-three minutes), came from a very different idea at the beginning: as the authors Alexander Stankovski – Rembrandt and Vlatko Galevski say, it should’ve been a fictional ecology documentary, with a narrative and fictional orientation. But if we rephrase the words the one of the authors of the film: “Maklabas,” simply, got out of the control and grew into the something, at last, in that what could've been seen on the opening night of the Film Camera Festival “Manaki Brothers” in Bitola this year.
    And that's a long-meter film with – we want be out of order if say so – some very new and bold steps out of the Macedonian film praxis since.
    What's that which is interesting for a text of this kind, a text which intention isn't to analyze or evaluate, but to present and announce?
    As first, there are the conditions under which this film is made (as a curiosity and remainder that if you are persistent and only if you want something enough!!! – everything is possible! Because anyway, nobody made a movie drinking beer only). What are those conditions? Briefly: the most of the work on the film is done exclusively and only with the persistent and sincere wishes and work – namely, with the enthusiasm of all the people that has worked on the film (and they're many), and of those who has helped (and they're even more). Even when we come to the finances, they managed to succeed that, either!
    And as second, but not less significant (I would say even more) is that, maybe exactly because of the fact that this film wasn't planned as a fiction film at the start, and because of the cinematography experience in the video-art of the director, as because of the specific, we may say – philosophical mood – of that group of movie-makers who did shaped the film, that film became a very interesting phenomena.
    Let's stop the chit-chat; here is the identity card of the film:

1. Who is who in this film:

Independent Production; Co-production for Macedonia: A1 television
    written and directed by: Alexander Stankovski
    producer and director of photography: Vlatko Galevski
    edited by: Vojo Živojnović
    production manager, video-effects: Igor Andreevski
    starring: Mirče Donevski, Vlado Mančevski, Ilija Daskalov; then, The Karter, Putica, Džabir Derala, Milčo Mančevski, Maja Lape, Bubo Karov,

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