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Blesok no. 04August-September, 1998
Sound Reviews

Jana Andreevska

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Macedonian Composers

One of the several Macedonian composers working with electronic music. Her latest works are composed and related to the computers and electronic music.

Jana was born on April 27, 1967, in Skopje, Macedonia

    1990, Bachelor of Music in Composition (Theory and composition Department at University “Sts. Cyril and Methoduis” – Skopje)
    1992, participating in the courses in film music and composition in Kazimierz Dolni, Poland, lead by Louis Andrienssen, Michael Nyman and Francois Berkard – Macha
    1994, courses of composition in Amsterdam, Holland, lead by Tou de Leeuw, Nigel Osborne and Dimitri Christoff

    Six Piano Pieces (1985)
    Variations for the piano (1986)
    Symphonietta for orchestra, piano, harpe and percussions (1989)
    Fantasy for large symphony orchestra (1990)
    “Spokoj” (Tranquillity) for soprano, string orchestra and piano (1992)
    DIAD for large symphony orchestra (1998)

Performances of the works:
    By the author and other soloists on various concerts of contemporary music in Macedonia and abroad, by the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, The Chamber Orchestra of the Macedonian Radio Television

    All compositions listed above are recorded audio and video for the Macedonian Radio

    Teaching assistant at the Theory and Composition Department at the UKIM School of Music in Skopje (teaching musical forms, harmonic analysis and polyphonic composition)

    1991-95, producer for classical and contemporary music in the Macedonian Radio Television, Music and Cassette production, member of the Macedonian Composers Association

    Special award of the University “Sts. Cyril and Methoduis” as the best student of the School of Music in 1989-90

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