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Blesok no. 04August-September, 1998
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Scientific aspects about the origin of H. Fon Karayan

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Tome Mančev

I remember the year 1980 and manifestation “Struška muzička esen”, when Zdravko Blažeković – young Croatian musicologist surprised the audience with his essay about Teresa Maria and Daniel Fon Zefalović – “Composers, with Macedonian origin, at the end of the classic period, of that time European capitol Vienna.”
    Frankly, I have to admit that it was a very strong moment for me, inspiring me for the further research in discovering the origin of the other already famous and great world personalities, above all: the origin of a Great Austrian Conductor Herbert Fon Karayan (Salzburg 05.04.1908 – 15.07.1989).
    My origin is from Gevgelija (town in the south of Macedonia), I remember the wide spread Karayanovs' family, in the closest neighborhood. First of all, Vančo Karayanov – director of the factory “Vinojug” for many years; Koljo Karayanov – craftsmen (old famous family, for many years using the shepherd farming as a basic existential source of the physical existence, and, on the other side, very important element for this essay; Ilija Karayanov – literature professor and famous poet; Pero Karayanov – my high school English professor, etc…
    Karayanovs live in Skopje, too: Vlado Karayanov engineer in “Metalski Zavod Tito” – Skopje; Petar Karayanov – politician, and many others. Nevertheless, according to the academic Vlastimir Nikolovski's statements, Karayanov family can be found in Zagreb, too.
    Facts are speaking. Jean Lopen in his article “Herbert Fon Karayan – in memoriam”, in “Le Mond” from 22.07.1989, published in “Muzikalni Horizonti” (“Musical horizons”) nr.9 from 1989 – “Sojuz na muzikalnite dejci Sofia” (association of the Sofia music artists), translated from French to Bulgarian language by Ana Radoslavova says: “Herbert Fon Karayan's ancestors (from his father's side) were settled from Macedonia. His grand-grandfather's surname was Karayanis, he emigrated in Saxon country 1792 and soon after that, he obtained his court title. Herbert's father was a great, famous surgeon and enthusiastic music fan – he played on clarinet. His mother, Marta Kosmak, was Slovak by origin. The musician was born on April 5th, 1908 in Salzburg (Austria), in the land of Mozart…”
    Similar is academic Vlastimir Nikolovski's evidence about the famous Armenian composer and conductor Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978) declaration. During the music festival “George Enesco”, 1964 in Bucharest, Khachaturian approached to Vlastimir Nikolovski: “Nikolovski, do you know that Karayan is Macedonian by origin… no, no, he proclaimed himself in the newspapers that he is Macedonian”. Professor Vlastimir Nikolovski, literary confirmed this statement on 26.02.1998.

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