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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 44 | volume VIII | September-October, 2005



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Blesok no. 44September-October, 2005
Sound Reviews

The Blues and the Flamenco are “brothers in emotion”

Interview with Javier Vargas

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Ljupčo Jolevski

The music should be elevated to a higher level, especially the blues. One should try to bring something new – exciting, different, original – if that's possible today anyhow, says the Spanish guitarist, the great music star at the latest edition of the ninth Blues & Soul Festival

One can recognize the real masters by the simplicity of the communication with them. The famous Spanish, Latino, World… and etc. blues-guitarist Javier Vargas, came to Skopje with many doubts about the public here, and about their musical knowledge and music education. He left charmed and enchanted by our hospitality and by the local blues lovers. We, at the Coloseum saw two faces of the Vargas' band, one of them was the standard one with his usual escort-band, and the other – much more dynamic and explosive – with the most-eruptive Devon Alman. So we came clear why this original guitarist who mixes in one blend both blues and flamenco, is the favorite of Carlos Santana and why he had already shared the stage with Prince, Alvin Lee, Louisiana Red, Jack Bruce…

How do you feel about this warm reception at the Blues & Soul Festival? Aren't you at least a little surprised that the people here in Macedonia already know and love your music, your songs and your beat?
    – Exactly that is the power of the music! When I create music, my intention is for it to go further than my body could ever go… I often make albums in which people all over the world can enjoy, even at the places I've never been, or even at the places I shall never go… For me, the magic of music happens when one invests huge energy in creating something, and then, when that something goes further than one could even imagine; you see, more than 30 years I play guitar, so I'm always “on the road”. Here I am now in Skopje, and I can joyfully say that even here – I'm no some imposter, some unknown individual. That's the real thrill of this work, you know. This is yet another wonderful experience for me – again. And I'm going to live Macedonia with that thought, and with hope that this isn't my last coming here.

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