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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 05 | volume I | October-November, 1998



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Blesok no. 05October-November, 1998

selection from “Vigils”

Translated by Reginald De Bray © The Leros Press, 1985

p. 1
Radovan Pavlovski

Ellipse I
First Vigil
Ellipse II
Second Vigil
Ellipse III
Third Vigil
Fourth Vigil
Family Tree


Ellipse I

You saw me in a dream
and I in the North
heard how the clocks of death
were working
and you were struggling
and opening up spaces
and seducing aside the great shadow
so that it might not cover your eyes
and you could see your son
afterwards that great shadow
turned the spring to autumn
and closed the roads
to make approach to you
hard as to the throne of pain
to which you're nailed
and only a little branch of the first cherry blossom
trembles on the stone as if in your hand
and takes the soul of spring
from your Spirit's voice.
The angel hovers in the air
with one foot on the ground.

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