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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 45 | volume VIII | November-December, 2005



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Blesok no. 45November-December, 2005
Sound Reviews

Bossa-Nova from Rio and Rock'n'Roll from Pernambuco

Skopje Jazz Festival 2005

p. 1
Ljupčo Jolevski

Joyce with the remembering of the legendary Masters and his own compositions – was irresistible to the wide auditorium, and Lenine was acceptable only for the distortion-lovers

Joyce, photo: Dragoljub Nikolovski

    With the music that only seem different in their rhythmic structure, although they come from the same part of the globe, the third evening of the Skopje Jazz Festival fully justified the long-year engagement of the Festival organizer to insist on involving the rich and dynamic Brazilian music stage at this Festival…
    Skopje simply pulsed together with the seductive Karaoke rhythms that night. At the stage of the Universal Hall in Skopje, the two great stars – Joyce and Lenine, as two typical represents of the regions they live and work in, in incredibly simple way explained and expressed the all-presence of the Latino musicians through the world in the last decade.
    The fun began with Joyce and her band. This singer, guitarist and the first female-composer in Brazilian music, who has 35-year career as a professional and who has over 25 albums behind herself, at first performed in honor of the old Masters, playing and singing the classical bossa-nova of her mentor – Vinicius De Morales, Allice Regina, Ney Matogrosso, Milton Nashimento… And slowly, accordingly to all master ways of the great star manners, she introduced us into the world which we started to recognize by the overwhelming positive emotional outbreaks. That way, even the fact of not-knowing the Portugal language (and accordingly, the impossibility to absorb the wholeness of the specific poetics off this music) couldn't harm the general impression. Joyce, at the same time left enough space for her musicians to express themselves, especially the drummer Tutty Moreno and the sax & alt-clarinet player Nailor Proveta, accenting her capabilities of vise and great band-leader. The segment with the bossa-nova classics culminated with the music of the great Jobim, and then turned into the selected choice of the greatest hits from her opus, which is larger than 300 songs (from her singles and albums). At this moment, the concert got its new dimension – it entered the waters of the contemporary glorious and strong music genre (very popular in the last decade), known as “New Bossa-Nova”, or more accurate: “Drum'n'Bossa” Then followed the few music-numbers from her latest album “Rio Bahia”, and finally, the concert ended with the reappearing of the band on the stage on “bis”, as an embryo of the desire for

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