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Blesok no. 45November-December, 2005
Sound Reviews

I don't play music with my mind, but with my heart and soul

Interview with Vinicius Cantuaria, musician and football fanatic

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Ljupčo Jolevski

Vinucius Cantauria

But, New York didn't exactly welcomed you with much warmth?
    – With none. I came to the city with my family and we rented a small apartment in Brooklyn. Although I wasn't the outsider in the music field, I found myself in an environment that wasn't familiar to me. But I was prepared to stay jobless up to a year of time, but getting started there was very difficult to me. Fortunately, in those days of self-examination that lasted more than six months, I had a lot of support and help by my friend Arto Lindsey. He even got angry when I called him for the first time after six months in the City, he was angry why I didn't contact him earlier, and he immediately got me into the studio where he was recording his album then.
    In the meantime, I started to play percussions at the club of one of mine Italian friends there, then I again switched to guitar, so it became a place where a lot of my Brazilian friends and fans where coming on regular bases, and that club soon became one of the most famous clubs in Greenwich Village.

But, anyway, you're real success there was exactly after Lindsey published his album.
    – Exactly. I wrote for him one song, then another, and another, and at the end, there were six songs in whole. Then the tour followed, the promotion of Mundo Civilizado, and then Lindsey introduced me to Ryuichi Sakamoto who asked me to play on his album, and it was the real success since then.

Can you compare those two as musicians and performers?
    – They both are great musicians, but completely different in energies and characters. Thy both are fantastic authors who love to experiment.

Didn't they both put a lot of energy to prepare your first international album Sol na Cara?
    – Yes, they did. Sakamoto made the most of the arrangements, he played a piano on most of them, and Lindsey produced the album. What more one can expect? Sol na Cara was my grand opening to the world. After that, it was quite easy. Then, there were Vinicius, Tucuma in 1999, Horse and Fish last year and these days I started the promotion of my new album Silva, which will soon appear at the market under the “Hannibal” label.

Horce and Fish went great with the critics and audience both. Did you expect that?
    – I

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