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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 46 | volume IX | January-February, 2006



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Blesok no. 46January-February, 2006
Sound Reviews

An Intensed Sound Odyssey Right To The Center Of Freedom

Georgi Šarevski Sextet on the Small Stage at Macedonian Opera & Ballet

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Ljupčo Jolevski

The compositions from the latest opus of the Macedonian jazz-guitarist – an initial burst of the masterful improvisation, especially by the Italian music guest – the sax-player Francesco Bearzatti

photo: Jasna Susha

The concert of the Georgi Šarevski Sextet, held on February 11th on the Small Stage at Macedonian Opera & Ballet, got every attribute to be noted as one of the most quality events that happened in this city for a long-time period back. That was one of those performances that people regain faith in the music and the music art here, in this environment so infected by the turbo-folk cacophony. Our jazz-guitarist, accompanied with Vladan Drobicki (trombone – “Sethstat”), Gian Emin (horns & synths – “Project Zhlust” and “D.N.O”), Oliver Josifovski (bass – “Ljubojna”), Alexander Sekulovski (drums – “Toni Kitanovski Trio”) and Francesco Bearzatti (one of the most famous Italian saxophonists), in a little more than 70 minutes presented his latest compositions written right after his debut-album “Elflandia”. It was more than evident – not only his inclination toward self-reexamination in his creative music work, but also his need to present a musical image that wouldn't be limited by any restrictions whatsoever. As an author, he moves around, from swing and the sound typical for the New Orleans school of jazz, across the jazz-blues, and with skillfully interweaved threads of the rhythms within his genes, up to the moments that strongly touch the psychotic intercrossing of jazz and funk, Šarevski didn't left any doubts. His time as a complete musician and a leader of the larger band – is already here and now! In Macedonia, at the Balkans, in Europe…

photo: Jasna Susha

    And, in that kind of a relaxed atmosphere, in a mood when even mild mistakes are charming, he really confirmed his own music maturity and he elevated himself above everything we knew about him till now – that he was one of the best students in his class at the famous Musical Jazz College in USA – Barclay.
    Understandable, all said above wouldn't make any sense if we don't mention, or even emphasize the virtuosity and the inspiration of his music companions that evening. And, we're not speaking only of the “enraged” Bearzatti performances (who was brilliant in his solo part for the composition “War”), whose solo-performances only confirmed what our jazz-fans claim: that the Italian jazz-scene is definitely one of the most exciting – not only in Europe, but also of the performances

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