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Blesok no. 46January-February, 2006
Theatre Reviews

State of General Zombification

p. 1
Liljana Mazova

Why nobody likes the independent projects in which the authors use the system of escape from the institution in which it is more and more difficult for them, and create projects with high values, honesty to the truth for themselves and the circumstances in which they live

    In a situation of general zombification, a word that sublimes the situation of this country Macedonia, the theater and its creators, as the complete culture, are a “poor life”. This life is developing metastases, it threatens, destroys. If the professional theaters create and maintain their repertoires by sheer “muscle force” of the hope that dies the last, to which they are fully entitled, there is another segment of the theater space that dies, so to say, in its prime, but rises from its ashes and moves to another one. These are the plays/projects that are created outside the institutions and which, as a rule, after they are shown to the public, do not incite any interest. Except for, of course, their creators.
    There are a significant number of plays that are created outside the institutions. They are prepared with an even bigger enthusiasm (oh, until when!), but they also have the worst of fate. Their creators prepare them there, and they are happy when they find the space to play the opening night – in rented halls for which they pay high prices. After the enthusiasm passes, after the opening night ends and the play is shown for one/two more times, enthusiasm ends with the money that can be used to pay the venue. A new venue is sought; one which costs more money and the circle is closed. The play created as an independent project dies. At least at home.
    Here there are two, that is three, quite significant elements. First, these plays that have like-minded authors gathered around the project, most of the time have a high artistic value. They are made to defy the time, the general zombification, there is lot of love invested in them, against the wind, there is a lot of knowledge there, and there are no compromises. So, these are good plays that reveal, they work following the system of theatre laboratory, they are created in hope that one should and has to reach the top. Second, they are very penetrable, because of the composition of all elements in them, and they become plays that international festivals and events

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