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Blesok no. 47March-April, 2006
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Vasja Ivanovski


Bob Halperin: “All Kinds Of Blues”

95North Records 8663573666 (2004)


“All Kinds Of Blues” is appropriate title for this wonderful album and great collection of blues material that recalls history in its purest, archaic form, guitar and voice. This is one of the best acoustic blues releases in recent years, impressive work by Bob Halperin, underrated artist who definitely deserve much wider exposure. “All Kinds Of Blues” covers a variety of styles, from traditional Delta beginnings, through Piedmont, Texas, ragtime to contemporary folk explorations, all done with verve and passion of dedicated musician which is rather rare thing in recent times. Halperin’s smoky vocals are matched only by his impeccable playing which is traditional in performance with highly individual personality, there’s always some sonic surprise for the listener throughout the album. Not many players can touch him when it comes to execution, even those who sell much more records could learn a thing or two from Bob. Choice of material shows his ability to provide personal approach to the idiom, his vision and attitude. These songs celebrate life however bitter and raw it may be at time, but always carry an optimistic note that life is, after all, still worth living.
    Carefully picked tracks which include lesser known material by classic artists (Sleepy John Estes, Henry Townshend, Willie Brown, Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon), country tinged material by Jack Clements and Jimmie Rodgers, jazzy stuff by King Oliver, Palmer/Williams, traditional songs and contemporary material by his playing partner Dewey Burns along with two of his originals, presents an artist who covers all this with personal stamp, cooler than most and played with panache that is effortless. He puts his mark on whatever song he chooses and makes it absolutely his own! It’s hard to pick personal favorite tracks, all 18 of them are gems, so give it a listen and you will be hooked and thankful for discovering some great, heartfelt music courtesy of Bob Halperin!
    Stripped down performances, just vocal and guitar (and an uncredited harp on a few tracks) define Halperin’s emotional musical journey which is a must for every blues lover, even the casual fan in search for music that defies time and offers repeated moments of joy.

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Monster Mike Welch Band: “Adding Insight To Injury”

95North Records 8253465149 (2004)


Latest Welch’s release shows this (still) young guitarist working on proving his

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