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Blesok no. 47March-April, 2006
Sound Reviews

Foltin: We fight a guerilla war against the despair

p. 1
Ljupčo Jolevski

“The audience is a real being in a search for a little fun, or – who knows – maybe some kind of e real bondage with us. They stand in front of us  and they wait to hear something from us, they expect to be told something. What we tell them – they seem to like! And maybe we are kindred souls with our audience, maybe we really are. And they really seem to like what we are telling them. Who knows, maybe this is a start of a wonderful friendship? And if I contemplate this further, either that's the case, or we're just good for circulation”, says Branko Nikolov, the leader of the band Foltin, the band that managed to raise from the local art-attraction into one of the original sound phenomena in the widest global plan.

photo: Elena Bojad&;ieva

Branko Nikolov (vocals, guitar), Pece Nikolovski (clarinet, harmonica),  Pece Trajkovski (harmonica, acoustic guitar, typing machine), Petar Dimitrovski (electric piano, keyboards), Goce Jovanovski (bass) and Slave Jovev (drums and percussion), in 2005 signed Lo-Lee-Ta-Too. the album that presents the creative peak of the one-decade long creative life of Foltin. It is an album that not only marked the last-year's contemporary music production in Macedonia, but also speaks of the vivid and creative imagination of its music authors. With an unseen easiness, those musicians created an album that erases the boundaries between the studio jam-sessions and the highly-energized concert performances. It is an album that enchants whit its spontaneity; and also, it's an album in which every single song (as Milice, I'll Die If You Touch Me, Pssst, Garneta and Fingers, fingers, etc.) would be a full-blooded hit – of course, in a circumstances of a normal discography market.
    The interview that follows comes in a period when Foltin relentlessly continues its successful serial of concerts and in a period of finishing their new project – the cover-versions songs of the legendary David Bowie.

How Foltin happened and what was its first concepts? Who were the people that were in the original band? How you decided the name of the band and what were your ambitions then?
    – Dreamers, adventurers, possesed by the need for creation. That’s what we were then, so the sympathetic character of Karel Čapek’s – Composer Foltin imposed itself as a name of the band. That is the spirit of the band. We are the same today. At the beginning, a lot of people got “in

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