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Blesok no. 48May-June,2006
Sound Reviews

Ljubojna with Macedonian Music for the 21st Century

p. 1
Ljupčo Jolevski

    With a multimedia performance at the Mala Stanica Gallery in Skopje, filled with audience up to the top of its limits, on May 29 this year, the promotion of the debut-album P.S.O. of the music band Ljubojna from Bitola, took place. This is the second promotion of this material in Macedonia, after the first one in Bitola Theater at the end of October 2005, right after this edition was published.
    Vera Miloševska (vocal), Oliver Josifovski (bass, samples), Petar Hristov (clarinet), Bojan Petkov (acoustic guitar), Najdo Šakirov (electric drums) и DJ Jordan (gramophones) are the musicians that make the present team of the music band Ljubojna, and they present the core of this band, its concept and its live force. They decided to use the calm & quiet, architecturally light & empty, and simply decorated space of the Mala Stanica Gallery in Skopje, and within that intimacy, to present their music material. But, not as it was previously recorded and published, but in a new, evolved form. This new form, this new music phase makes Ljubojna a band that can be recognized as a music enterprise oriented within, towards the ethnic and traditional Macedonian music roots, in a kind of a music quest down to the pure Source – and at the same time, Ljubojna, in its music quest, successfully interlaces the wealth of the Source with everything we know as a contemporary and modern sound… The Macedonian music for the 21st Century! The complete one! With the sounds of the traditional instruments interlaced with the sounds of the modern sounds and digitalized loops of the modern electronics. These newly arranged compositions, at moments, were so far from their original sounds, that many times only the beautiful vocals of Miloševska was needed for some compositions to be recognised by the audience, and to remind it of the main reason for this promotion.

    Some will, probably, note that in all of that – some Anastasia echo took place (especially the echo of the musical image for the film before the Rain by Mančevski), but isn’t it only a cute moment in the story? Ljubojna’s upgrading higher up. Following the leads of a new music generation that marely has started to develop its own ideas. And if we consider that in the realization of this performance Ljubojna got help from many various top performers and musicians – as Goran Trajkovski (Anastasia & Mizar), Branislav Nikolov

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