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Blesok no. 05October-November, 1998
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Instead of an Awakening - a Goodbye!!!

about the film "Goodbye to XX century" by Aleksandar Popovski and Darko Mitrevski, alias…

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Petar Volnarovski

1. Before the film:

    Before the film, in the various newspapers and magazines, various headlines, like: “It's time to awaken the Übermacedonian within” and “The film isn't expensive, but precious” and so on, all in that style… in one of them, the authors of this film say (a quote): “ … one can't escape from what's written… ” I would add: … from what's filmed – also.

2. After the film:

After the film, in the various newspapers and magazines – something completely different:
    But, this text has no intention to continue this way; so, let me say what I think it's the most important about this film…
    Without even the slightest intention to interpret this film from any aspect, here, quite briefly, I will consider a few facts, and a few of mine personal notes.

Let's start with the facts:

1. About the global impression of the film: the Public Opinion and the Public (the majority), didn't like the film. But those who bring out that in public, actually forget to ask themselves about another fact: Wasn't the actual idea of the authors was – to make the film likeable. Their public statements, as the main message (or the main point) of the movie – “; … the future is equally fucked up as the past”; doesn't give any ground for such an opinion;
    2. About the same: maybe the issue about the “;awakening the Übermacedonian within”; is more discussible;

3. About the (so much accented) quote-poetics of this film: the Public Opinion and the Public (the majority), barely recognize it, and they even less mean something to them. Those who bring out that in public, claim with every right that the most of the quoting, without a real context in the film, has no function. In the film, all that seems like forced and entirely misjudged and wrongly absorbed understanding of the postmodern poetics. So we must ask ourselves again around the fact: was that the author's intention, or not;

4. About the story: or – the stories? Or: the embryos of the stories? Or maybe, about the attempts for the stories? Let's leave aside the Public Opinion and the Public (the majority). Someone may say – that someone is hiding behind them. Well… in the film, there is a frame story; it's even interesting the way how (in that chaos of dispersed quotes, bitter cynicism, nihilistic messages and such) at the end – surprisingly

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