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Blesok no. 05October-November, 1998
Sound Reviews

Interview with Risto Vrtev

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Igor Isakovski

Somewhere in the first half of 1998… Radio show “The Blues Brothers”… Program host: Igor Isakovski. Guests: Risto Vrtev and Gorazd Čapovski. Here comes the first part of that interview, slightly rearranged for BLESOK Sound.

sound excerpts

“Years of Love or Death”

I.I.: “Years of Love or Death” lyrics from the title song of the latest album of Archangel – “Heartcore”. Risto, if the things should be contradicted that way?

Risto Vrtev

R.V.: Not necessarily… You know, there are millions of compromises between those two things, and the life we live force us to make compromises. However, on last instance one is always proud when he pushes the things to the end. At least, I'm such a man and that is why I think of last instances. Because the Love, I am talking about love as a general category, for me is constructive and the death is destructive, if you force it to come. Death of something, a political system for example, when you destroy a good political system – that is death. Let’s imagine those who fell out, in the transition, those in Bosnia who at age of 60-70 were left without the property which they struggled for all life, do they have time for another life? In that sense, in that one belongs this, we do not have to take the life so generally and philosophically.

I.I.: In the context of the Love, of the Death, of the Destruction, of the construction of some new values and the proving of the old ones: “New bible, now faith”. What is your comment to this song?

R.V.: This song in its form is about what I have appreciated, i.e. it's based on a rock’n’roll – Balkan provinciation, a communist who transits itself, in fact he is copied from such destiny and from that point of view I came to that breaking point: “Instead of a heart I had a star, I didn’t have Jesus, Allah…”, you know how it was before and how everything disappeared and you are left on the winding crossroad, where everything that was your support: mental, moral, you name it – is torn down. In your life you are in a clear position where all of this has crumbled, the king is great and the only value (if it is a value) becomes the money. You have only the money as a support for your fear, it’s all the same, that’s the

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