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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 51 | volume IX | November-December, 2006



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Blesok no. 51November-December, 2006

from “Mister Today”

Translated by: Ana Jelnikar

p. 1
Iztok Osojnik

A Desolate One
Enough Hiding
Gospel According to Plotinus
A Comparative One
Cantata after Plotinus
Self-inflicted Modesty
Manifesto of Love
There is No Silence
Plotinus kiss
Hölderlin’s Eagles
Spirit Flame
Cosmopolitan Ode
A Nautical One
A Radio One
A Bird
Happy Carpet
Press Conference
Monday’s Overture
A Famous Person’s Translation
Mister Today, a Doctor from Ossetia
The Last One to Go
Toy Blocks
Delicious Whiteness of Corn


A Desolate One

Man sets out for the desert. He doesn’t
get far. But the fact he’s managed to get away from town
to moist firewood and instant soups sprinkled
with powdered parsley
says a lot about life and death.
Universe is One. Before birth and after death.
How is the mind supposed to grasp this
in the sense of a waterfall which falls and in falling grasps
the falling of the waterfall which falls?
The wise Chinese Butterfly Dzu scratches his plait.
I think that wisdom, before setting out
on a planetary tour, waits for the master to die.
I’ve always wanted to know how these masters got food
and an apartment.
Then again, I do know how
(it is to drink in one gulp the outer and the inner universe).

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