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Blesok no. 51November-December, 2006

Reserved for the Pilots

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Edin Saračević

Darja Kocjančič ranks among the most prominent Slovene writers of haiku poetry. Her poems, imbued with refined sensibility, encompass (almost) all areas of her life: social relations, approaches to nature and the environment, to her immediate surroundings and above all to herself – self-awareness. Although she does not usually follow the classical form of 5/7/5 syllables, her haiku does contain considerable classical elements:
, which is at times graduated up to (self-)irony:

evening in a tavern:
    you, me
    and a mayfly

    footsteps in front of the door –
    all he has, the refugee gives:
    a toothless smile

    the sense of lonesomeness
(Japanese sabi):

romance on the screen –
    the seat beside
    remains untaken

wind in the window slats –
    with the taste of solitude

the meeting, de-limitation of two worlds: in her haikus she masterfully captures the moments of the meeting(s) of two (ostensibly separate, different) worlds: the inner and outer, or the spiritual and material; the real and the fictitious or artistic; the subjective and objective …:

    postcard from the seaside –
    on a tottery table
    coffee splashes

    clockseller's shop:
    each customer shoes
    his own time

    To see and experience oneself and events in the world simultaneously as ONE occurrence and also as individual occurrences, is at the same time the point of self-realization, it is the point of creating and of creation; it is the birthplace of the haiku and of art as such. At this “point”, the author feels wholly at home and supremely in command, so that authenticity and originality also radiate out from her poetry.

At the international haiku competitions organized by the journal Apokalipsa (Apocalypse), Darja Kocjančič has received two second awards. In 1999 for the haiku:
    on the beach / a flock of seagulls / and shrieking girls

and in 2001, for the haiku:
    dozing in the car – / behind the windscreen / swarms of stars travelling

In recent years, she has been participating at the competition as a member of the jury.

In addition to writing haikus, she is also practising in drawing haiga, the sketches which “accompany” haikus.

Reserved for Pilots is her first literary publication. On the Internet she has for some time been publishing the (also bilingual) collection Children of Orgasm

Kranj, 5 July 2004

Darja Kocjančič: Reserved for the Pilots

    many of us want more –
    windstroll over the fishpond sky
    to the alder tree

    out of green landscape
    they chirrup

    postcard from the seaside –
    on a tottery table
    coffee splashes

    from golden undulations – the body
    also sky and sea
    this evening

    two deep blues –
    suppleness of wave
    on seagull's

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