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Blesok no. 05October-November, 1998
Theatre Reviews

Porcelan Vase

p. 1
Biljana Garvanlieva

    NT. “J.H.Džinot” – Veles
    author: Jugoslav Petrovski
    director: Blagojče Božinovski

After two realistic and undramatic performances of this dramatic text by the English director George Roman in Exiter (England) and in Dramski theater in Skopje, Blagojče Božinovski gives it's own symbolic and melodramatic seeing.
    But, directors concept of morality and lyricism rub undramaticly with Jugoslav Petrovski amoral and apocalyptic dramatic world. This, authors high-octane war context seems like series of loose drug addicts hallucinations. Authors hopeless beckets situation of stiffness and fratricidation, looks like melodramatic arrival and salvage.
    The actors Marijan Čakmakoski and Mladen Krstevski acted ideologically loose and comfortable, not deviation from their shattered actors stereotype.
    They didn't seem to know who they are, where they are and what they won't. In spite of them, talented Zoran Ljutkov, with constant horror on his face and filtration of his characters negative emotions, cleverly created the tragicomically relationship between the ex actors illusions and routine soldiers madness.
    Zoran Nikolovski's ruined and gray architectonic scenery visualized a kettle, hell, crematory and theater. In spit the overcrowds, it functioned most dramatically on the scene.
    It can be said that the biggest problem in a play is when the director is trying to deal with theater modern – which he doesn't understand enough.

excerpt from play

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