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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 53 | volume X | March-April, 2007



                     Peer-reviewed journal
Blesok no. 53March-April, 2007


p. 1
Gabriela Stojanoska-Stanoeska

    Can you imagine the prehistoric women eating bananas? Do you know how a woman nowadays eats a banana? How bananas are eaten at the plantations in Cyprus, Africa, Buckingham Palace? Do you know how a man eats a banana? How a searcher of garbage cans eats a banana, or a comedy actor, Bananaman? How does Alice the Chimp eat a banana? What will you think of first if you pass by a group of guys eating bananas at the same time? Are they athletes before a training?
    I am curious how you eat a banana, personally (if you do eat bananas at all, of course). For example, how do you peel the banana? Which end do you start the peeling from? What do you feel while you peel it? What do you feel as you open your mouth wide? What do you feel when you bite it? What do you feel while you chew it? And what after you swallow it?
    Let's imagine that you have attended a reception, here comes the fruit, many hands reach for the crystal bowls and the golden plated trays with fruit pyramids one after another… will you reach for an orange, a kiwi, or a banana? Why the orange? Why the banana? Do you maybe wish for the banana, and yet you take an orange? No, you are a person who takes exactly what he wants, so, a banana then? And? Do you stay here and peel it where you are or do you go somewhere else? Does it come to your mind to take another one and offer it to your collocutor so that you don't eat alone? Or you maybe say: “How about splitting a banana, one is too much for me?” No, you reject that option, it's not polite, how will he take the peeled half? Each one should take a banana of his own or rather no banana at all. You have already taken it, started peeling it, it becomes smaller and smaller under your indifferent bites, as if you eat a cookie, and listening to your collocutor, you have even forgotten to enjoy in it, carried away by his story… but, still, it feels good in your stomach… Or maybe you mind that you are forced to listen, so you can't concentrate on its taste… or you act as if you enjoy both the conversation and the banana, and actually you

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